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The Patterns of Ron Schweitzer 

In 1998, the late Betty Lindsay, co-owner of Yarns International in Bethesda, MD, made a trip to Shetland. On that trip she met Oliver Henry of Jamieson & Smith. From that meeting came the development of a new yarn, Shetland 2000. Starting with five natural colors, this yarn was inspired by the traditional yarns of Shetland and was a partnership between Yarns International and and Jaimeson &Smith. Betty Lindsay knew that a special yarn needed special patterns to make it sell and she and her partner Bonnie Hassler commissioned patterns that would show off the yarn. 


Ron Schweitzer had been knitting since the 1970s and was a customer of Yarns International He had been knitting Alice Starmore samples for the store when Betty Lindsay approached him about creating designs for the new yarn line, Shetland 2000. In an interview in 2020, Ron described what happened, "...she kind of offhandedly said one day, 'Do you think you cold come up with some designs for this yarn?' And so I did." He went off and came back a bunch of ideas. Nine were selected and that became the initial collection, Travel Logs. Ron continued to design creating over 80 patterns for Yarns International and more for other companies. Produced between 1998-2012, these patterns were never available in digital format.

In 2003, the branding of the now nine colors, reverted to Jamieson & Smith where it is sold as Shetland Supreme. Yarns International closed in 2013 and Betty Lindsay died several years later. Knitting Tales is pleased to be able to work with Ron Schweitzer to make these patterns available again digitally. Each pattern comes with additional material to help bring the patterns up-to-date. This includes tips on yarn substitution, steeking, sizing, and reading the charts. Sign up for the newsletter to receive information on new releases.