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Postcards from Shetland 
Postcards from Shetland .jpg

With this fourth collection, Ron's pattern inspiration returns to the home of the yarn, Shetland. These nine designs were designed to echo the spirit of postcards and their ability to transport us to a place we might not have visited. Published in 2003 this collection of nine patterns marked the addition of dyed yarns to the Shetland 2000 yarn line. Because these colors were created by natural dying on the undyed Shetland 2000 base, there is no direct equivalent now. (The original dying was done by the late Luisa Gelenter and her staff at LaLana Wools in Taos, New Mexico.)  If you buy the book, you will also get tips on choosing colors that will be similar to what was used in the originals. Not only were the designs in this collection inspired by Shetland, the samples were knit there and modeled and photographed by Shetlanders. 


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