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New Year…New and Old Things (and a Discount Code)

All right, I know that mid-March is not the New Year, but it is feeling like that here at Knitting Tales. My 2022 did not go to plan. Without going into gory details, I fell back in June, shattered my elbow, and had surgery. Complications ensued and I have been working hard since then to get the nerves in my arm and hand working. We are not there yet, but I can do a lot more than I could and am even knitting (though not as much as I would like). Suffice to say that creative output has slowed considerably.

Pattern News

So why does it feel like a new year? First, all the patterns of Ron Schweitzer, that I have the rights to sell are now up on Knitting Tales and Payhip and available for purchase. I have also managed to get them all into the Ravelry Library, though not for sale there. Most of these are available as single patterns. To celebrate, I am offering a 15% discount to subscribers good until the end of March for anything in the collection (or any of my patterns). The code is TREESOFLIFE.

And here is a swatch knit “before the fall” for Trees of Life from the Knits from the Northern Seas collection. Insert photo here. I hope to be sharing more swatches soon both here and on Instagram, where I am knitting_tales_maryland.

Wool History Tidbits

Before I fell, I had a presentation to the 2022 Fleece to Fashion conference accepted. The presentation told part of the story of Betty Lindsay and the creation of the Shetland 2000 yarn line (and to remind you this is now Jamieson & Smith Shetland Supreme Jumper Weight). I had been working on this for a while, and when my research plans were diverted in 2020, I started down a related rabbit hole on the history of Shetland wool in US knitting. The earliest mention I found of an imported Shetland yarn with a pattern was from the early 1900s and was for Shetland Floss from Lion Brand. If you want to see the slides from the presentation you can download it below.

Howley_Sheep Saver_Fleece to Fashion Slides
Download PDF • 31.10MB

Until Next Time

That’s it for now, I hope you will take a look at Ron’s patterns. Don’t’ forget the discount code for 15% off is TREESOFLIFE.

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